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Yarn Bowls

These Yarn Bowls have been hand-turned from green wood and allowed to dry and warp to their current shapes. They are sanded smooth and finished with a semi-gloss finish. Each hand-crafted bowl will become a beloved and essential knitting accessory. 

Shipping US addresses only, postage included.
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$138.00 US for smaller bowls, $155.00 for larger bowls (#12)


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Please note, these are unique items. We will mark them as sold as quickly as possible. If you attempt to add a bowl that is out of stock, it will not be added to your cart. 

Yarn Bowl 6 is Cherry and displays a wave of sapwood above the darker Cherry heartwood. It is 3 ½ inches tall x 7 ½ inches in diameter. This is the smallest bowl in this series. yarn bowl
Yarn Bowl 7 is Ash with lots of grain and figure. It measures 4 ½ inches tall and 8 ½ inches in diameter.
yarn bowl

Yarn Bowl 9 is Ash and measures 5 inches tall by 7 ¾ inches tall.
yarn bowl

Yarn Bowl 12 is a large Ash bowl. It measures 5 ¼ inches tall by 11 ¼ inches in diameter. This bowl is so large that we cut two yarn slots so you can easily knit with two yarns.
yarn bowl