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Twist Collective Blog

Throwback Thursday: Ruthie

Maybe it's because it seems a little like everyone I know is having babies right now, but this pattern really jumped out at me when I took a scroll through some vintage Twist patterns. 






That little monkey isn't a baby in these pics, but like, really definitely for sure now is not even close to babyhood. This was six whole years ago!! 






The colorwork is cute and simple; this little sweater would be an awesome way to use up some scraps you have from other projects! 


sleeves too



If you have some small humans in your life, think about whipping up a Ruthie

Throwback Thursday: Amiens

Are you still looking for the right Twist pattern to choose for our Knitalong? I have an idea for you. Remember Amiens?? 






She's not just a generously sized shawl, as she might appear from behind. Amiens is an elegant cape. We know that not all heroes wear capes, but like, maybe sometimes you want to? 






Be cozy, be gorgeous, be prepared. 

Throwback Thursday: Passiflora

Remember Passiflora


front detail



She's a sweet summer top, not too close to your skin, and with lots of pretty lace for decoration and air conditioning. 






The best part? As a sleeveless top on 4.5mm needles, you can make this in a snap. She's a great choice for the Twist Collective Knitalong that Kate is hosting on Facebook right now! Join the fun! 

Designer Post: Illicium

Christine Guest


Christine Guest is the author of today's post, and you can find it (and so much more) on her website, here. Check out some sketches, some thoughts on reversible motifs, and some lucky kids being paid to model! 





Illicium is up today in the Twist Collecive!  It has complete written instructions as well as complete stitch charts for all three medallion motifs, and a construction schematic with color suggestions and seaming strategy for 6 sizes.



kid and blanket



My geeky soul was delighted with the reversibility of each motif: though they aren’t identical on either side. I’d flip my double pointed needles over when working on an octagon, and there would be another star anise, an even prettier one.



sketches and yarn



I love the name too, the shrub that grows star anise.  As  you read through the issue, you can find more spicy names and motifs – as well as gorgeous, interesting patterns.



more sketches



When we weighted the afghan for shipping, it was just over 3 lbs.  I watched all the Tutor Farm episodes while I worked on it, and several Backyardigans with K.  I have a history of carpal tunnel syndrome, so I proceeded carefully.  The editor actually phoned me to make sure we got a size for the photo shoot that would be big enough to look lovely wrapped around the model (and does it ever!) but not kill my hands.  I set up a quota of knitting (a skein a day), and took Sundays off.  I was also really good about going to the Y to swim and lift weights; and use good posture while knitting.  Liberty wool is a light worsted, and on the smooth side, just right for avoiding trouble.  I think getting my Celiac diagnosed (and never eating gluten on purpose) has really, really helped my wrists too, I haven’t worn my splints in 3 years.



blanket as cape



Although I used a blocking station, I still had to touch up the corners with steam in the end.  Probably because I pinned stacks of octagons, and basically eyeballed them…ahem.







We were hyper careful not to spill anything on it. K is holding an empty cup in this photo.



kid and blanket



Both kids were saving money for something at the time, so I did pay them.  Matt got bored and the sun was in his eyes, so he pretended to sleep. I was experimenting with light throughout the day to see what picked up the texture and that elusive red.




blanket in the sunshine



Everyone at the Twist Collective was lovely to work with!

Wash it weekend, the third!

I'm getting a bit of a late start, but I said it was wash it weekend, so let's go! 

Wash It Weekend


Spring is coming (or for some of you luckier people, already here) and it's time to get everything nice and clean so you can put away the heavy duty woolens and make room for your spring/summer knit wardrobe (hint hint). 

Need a refresher (pun intended)? See our blocking article and our tutorial on darning!

Mend it! Wash it! Put it away! I'm starting right now. Who's with me?