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Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.


The first thing I saw this morning when I turned off my alarm and opened my Facebook page (yes, sometimes I check Facebook before even being vertical), was a post from my friend Liz, which said "Happy Palentine's Day! I love every last one of you, friends!"


It totally disarmed me. I tend to be a bit of a grump about holidays, especially if I feel like those holidays are telling me what to do (I don't much like being told what to do). So I am going to spare all of you my soapbox talk today, and declare you (yes you)  my Valentines/Palentines.


Phew. Okay. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about clothes!! Check out today's sweater. She is a beaut.


Model is thin and blonde, wearing a light aqua knit hoodie with cables along the buttonbands and up over the hood. The buttons are made of light wood.


Garter edges, pretty cables, and a  hood. Piscataqua is basically perfect. Let's have a closer look at some of those details, and oh gosh the back is pretty.


closeup of the cables on the hood, which are like figure eights.closeup of the inverted v-shape cable medallion on the lower back of the sweater


Okay so there is one thing I shamelessly love about Valentine's, and that is the combination of red and pink. I know it's sometimes thought of as a fashion faux-pas, but I think those colours look lovely together, and they both look perfect with this minty sweater. You may not be surprised that I went full-on girl with this styling set.


three outfits with this sweater, all with pink and red acessories


How will you wear Piscataqua?