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Throwback Thursday: Forest Mushroom

Published on Thursday, 05 January 2017 08:16

If you follow this blog very much, you probably know that I (Carly) am a colorwork weenie. Every once in a while, I get brave and do something stranded, but usually I just avoid those projects. I do however, feel tempted by these mittens



mittens, modeled



Forest Mushroom seems like a kind of helpful tutorial. The braids look like fun to me, there are a few different patterns, but none with particularly long floats, and then the main body of the mitten has a pattern that is repetitive enough to memorize. 






I also quite like that the pattern continues onto the palm side of the mitten. These could be mushrooms, or acorns, or neon folks dots, depending on the colors you feel pulled towards. These might be a great project to take on if you, like me, are a little wary of Fair Isle!