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Hi. Kate here. Choosing colors for garments in each issue is always a funny thing. Sometimes I end up picking a color that isn't MY personal favorite, but I'm not the only person who reads Twist Collective (thankfully!) so I try to pick a variety of colors through the year. Inevitably, I end up looking at some patterns and saying to myself "Great pattern, but what color would I want this in?" So I've decided to play around in photoshop and show you a project in other available colors. Let me know what you're into!

First up: Lovat. I love(at) this sweater (see what I did there?), but I'm not a blue-green person. Thankfully Valley Yarns Northampton is available in about a zillion (37!) colors. Many of them are complex and heathered so they're a bit difficult to mock up quickly in photoshop, but I think you'll get the idea!

Lovat color options

Which is your favorite? Or what color should I have tried Lovat out in?