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Jane Heller

You may be familiar with Jane Heller's work- she is no stranger to Twist Collective, contributing to many of our photoshoots. In this post, she shares some outtakes from the Free Spirits shoot from the most recent issue. Be sure as well to check out some of her amazing portrait work, or snag yourself some of her crafty prints and magnets.

Hi everyone! I'm back again with my "Behind the Scenes" from my second shoot from the Winter 2011 edition of Twist Collective.

I spent most of my childhood summers on a farm, the very same farm you have seen in past features on Twist (Roxham farm & Return to Roxham).

Considering I'm a bit of a farm girl, I have a big secret - I'm afraid of horses!  Less so in the past few years since my mother has become the owner of a few retired old horses.

So you can imagine my concern when we decided to do the shoot at a stable in Hudson, Quebec. Having my head behind the camera it was very difficult to keep an eye on the whereabouts of all the horses. I was so happy we had two amazing horse handlers - Joanne and Dani to take care of me. My lens got smeared a few times by a few curious noses but other than that no trampled toes. Phew.

Behind the scenes collage

Stay tuned for the behind the scenes for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 issue!