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Twist Collective at Rhinebeck 2008

Published on Wednesday, 22 October 2008 11:17

It was a working vacation for Irene, Kate, and me.  We're in the last weeks before the Winter issue, so not a day can go by without some site construction.  The hotel had wifi, but the sockets required a little remedial attention. Luckily, I had a handy whack of little tools to serve as wedge-props for the wilting plug.


We handed out buttons, tape measures, and our new postcards all day Saturday and Sunday, and saw a number of Wisterias in their natural habitat, like this one YarnBee Cheryl was wearing on Sunday.

yarnbee wisteria 

We were sad to be there without Mary who was at home recovering from giving birth to her son, Henry.  The three of us bought some yarn and knit him a quick hat.




Mother, Father and Son are all doing well.