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Julia here.

Something new you'll notice in the upcoming Winter issue is what will not be there.  We've decided to not run Tidbits as a regular feature because of the amount of confusion it seems to have generated among our readers and advertisers.  Tidbits was never anything more than a small collection of things that I liked and thought were worth sharing.  Some of our supporters felt it was an unfair (and unpaid for) focus of our editorial. This seems to be validated by the consistent language readers have used in forum discussions to describe things they have seen in the Tidbits section as "advertisements", so I am willing to admit the point, and pull the section from the magazine. But happily, this leaves me free to share such things on the blog as I find them, rather than wait until the next issue.  So here's my first such offering.

There are any number of ways to secure your yarn while you knit, and this one appeals to me on several levels, not just because I like pottery, but because the yarn in residence suddenly becomes part of an artistic object, whether or not you're actually working with that yarn at the moment.


If you gotta have one, they're from Kelli.  As an independant potter, she says that it's a challenge to get kiln time where she lives, so the pots become available when she can get them fired, and then she has a bunch. You can let Kelli know if you want to be contacted the next time they become available.  Sign up for the mailing list by writing LumLumTree [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject “LumLum Tree News” and she will make sure to add you to the list.

Thanks to Stephen for pointing these out.