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Have you knitters out there seen this yet?  It's Quebec's answer to the Got Milk? campaign, complete with knitting grandmother and a cursor smashing knitting game. 


Click on the different icons to the lower left to zoom in on the room to see such things as a knitted wall art, rolling balls of yarn, and my personal favorite, the knit telephone cozy, complete with curly i-cord.


It's interesting to know that someone with creative power somewhere still thinks of knitting exclusively as the province of slightly daft grandmothers who knit superhero outfits for themselves (however fun the idea of knit superhero outfits might be. See the cape and mask on the mannequin?  Do I have time before Hallowe'en to duplicate that?  Maybe it's because I'm more of a daft grandmother than I would care to admit). Watch the tv commercials on the French version of the site to see Grandma in her superhero outfit, complete with tricked out Vespa.