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Twist Collective Blog

Sweetheart Scarf Fundraiser for Haiti

A couple months ago, my daughter was badly in need of a scarf. Being a four year old and in love with all that is girly, she requested a "Cinderella scarf" and supplied me with this illustration:

sweetheart scarf

Knowing that the reality of a knitted princess could never compete with what she imagined, we settled on a puffy heart that went through a hole to make putting it on and wearing it easy and comfortable. Thankfully she's in love with it. Here's the result:

sweetheart scarf

When the earthquake in Haiti happened I thought that this would be a great time to share the pattern. It's $4 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity's efforts in Haiti.

The pattern is written for a child's size, but includes plenty of information to make it for an adult. It's so fast that even I (who rarely gets to knit) whipped it out before my daughter's 4 year old patience ran out. There's plenty of time to knit them up as Valentine's gifts. Sweetheart Scarf Shop Page.