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Julia here.

The whole idea for the Lowell's Boatshop story was inspired by a pair of four dollar LLBean gumboots I found at a flea market. I am always trolling for clothes for the magazine shoots that I can pick up for a few dollars in my local consignments and thrift shops. Sometimes I borrow things from my step daughter, who is closer in size to the sweaters, but I also stock a closet dedicated to skirts and good under-sweater-neckline-blouses that will fit the women we ask to wear them for us.  It's a odd element in my life that I own so many clothes no one in my family can wear! I know of one magazine editor who at one time kept a whole storage unit full of such things. Shoes are especially challenging, and often don't make it into the photo, but I have to provide them regardless. And while the model is wearing them in just about every photo, you can only see them there on the first page of the story!


The rest kind of fell into place after that.  I ride my bike along the Merrimac River and pass by the historic Lowell's Boat Shop several times a week. I admire the views of the river from there, and also the beautiful building itself, full of nooks and details that record the craftspeople who have built dories and skiffs continuously since 1793. The head boat builder is the son of a friend of mine, so I only had to ask if we could spend the morning with them, promising to stay out of their busy way. And that I would renew my membership too, of course. I asked Caro to take the photos, and Casey to model.  Everyone's schedule and the weather worked out perfectly.


My stepdaughter loaned us the beautiful coral dress here, the necklace is mine, and the shawl is Marnie MacLean's Tolovana.  We had the most fun finding places among the boats to show it off (although I think this one below is technically a skiff).


Our model, Casey, is the beautiful wife of a karate buddy of mine.  She is the mother of three children, if you can believe it. Her mom sat for the kids that Thursday morning so we could get the best light. I especially loved this photo of Tolovana, which made it into the July newsletter, but not the magazine. It was dramatic, but not particularly informational. It made a great tease a few weeks before we launched the fall issue.


Often we get beautiful photos of the knitwear, but can't use them because they don't help the knitter decide if they want to knit the project or not.  I suppose I can leave the drama to the blogs. Give it a try, and send me a link!