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Five Questions with Mari Muinonen

MariMari Muinonen is today's featured designer in our Five for Five interview series; you can follow the whole series here. She has contributed six whimsical patterns to our pages. Her design sense is playful and innovative, making her designs just plain fun.






Mari's designs

1. What's your favorite design you did for Twist Collective and why?
I have to say that my favourite design is Sylvi. I love to see many variations of it all over the knitting world and see how people make it their own. Sylvi was inspired by my grandmother, who will soon be happily celebrating her 94th birthday. 
2. If you could go back in time to when you started designing, what advice would you give yourself?
Make notes girl, make notes all the time!
3. What is your worst knitting habit?
Losing my needles! Really, my sofa is like a needle case. I have sat on more than a few needles.  Another bad habit that I have thankfully broken,  was to buy one or two skeins beatiful yarn. I have quite a stash of those odd balls.
4. Tell us about a job you've had in the past that would amuse or surprise people who don't know you.
My job as a designer is the one that surprises most people who know me :). I'm teacher do a lot of work around information and communications technology, so this "softer side" of me is a suprise to my co-workers. 
5. Finish this sentence: If everyone knew how to knit...

Houses would have a built in yarn room between the living room and kitchen.


More Mari

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Giveaway

Today's giveaway is brought to you by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and folks, it is pretty epic.


Blue Moon Logo


FIve of you will be big winners today, and for all the yarns in the prizes, you get to pick whatever color you like. Remember, knitters; with great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely. Here is what is up for grabs.

1. Silkie Socks that Rock yarn and Laeticia pattern by Stephanie van der Linden

2. Woobu yarn and Skalva pattern by Gudrun Johnston

3. Marine Silk Fingering yarn and Verve pattern by Meghan Jackson

4. Mopsy yarn and Fara pattern by Amy Christoffers

5. Marine Silk Sport and Alvinda pattern Emmy Petersson





For a chance to win, tell us about something you're great at, maybe something you have competed in, won a trophy or a ribbon, or something you are preparing to be great at. Whether it's running fast, grooming horses, darts, bowling, figure skaing, or making pies, everyone is great at something. Join in on the conversation about your greatness by commenting on today's Facebook post (and like our page!), tweeting at us (.@twistcollective- the dot is important! And follow us!), or join our Ravelry group and post in the Blue Moon discussion (or all three)! You have until the end of today.


WEBS Giveaway

This is the last week of giveaways, folks. This has been so much fun. The next few days are going to be pretty interesting.  Today is no exception. WEBS is our generous benefactor this fine Wednesday.




Two lucky winners will get Valley Yarn Northfield and Huntington and the Horatio and Oren owly mitten pattern. 


Prize 1


A third winner will get a Namaste Monroe bag filled with Valley Yarns Sheffield and Valley Yarns 505 Dreamer's Braided Pullover pattern, Knitter's Pride Dreamz circular needles and dpns, and Clover lock ring markers. That is a whole lot of knitting swag. Today's prize is open to entries from the US only. 


 Prize 2


For a chance to win, please suggest alternate names for the Horatio and Oren pattern. I'll even give you one to start you off. 

Owl Bums.

You can post your suggestion as a comment on today's Facebook post (and like our page!), tweet it at us (.@twistcollective- the dot is important! And follow us!), or join our Ravelry group and post it in the WEBS discussion (or all three)! You have until the end of today.


Skacel Giveaway

Ohhhh boy people. You are really gonna like this giveaway. Skacel is our generous benefactor for today, and you should show them some love, and hold on to your swatches.


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Two very lucky winners will get a set of addi Click Natura (bamboo) interchangeable needles, and a free Twist Collective pattern of their choosing! I'll just let that sink in.


 addi click natura


For a chance to win, write a six word memoir. You can post your really really short memoir as a comment on today's Facebook post (and like our page!), tweet it at us (.@twistcollective- the dot is important! And follow us!), or join our Ravelry group and post it in the Skacel discussion (or all three)! You have until the end of today.

A six word memoir is exactly what it sounds like. It tells the story of your life (or a part of your life) with only six words. There are literally no rules, except that it must contain six words (no more, no less), and you have to write it.  Here are a few examples of s to get you started. Have fun with it!!

Not quite what I was planning

Nixon childhood, Reagan teenager, hope finally

At last, happy in her underwear

Work work work work work sleep






Twist Style Friday: Literati

Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.


Happy end-of-week, readers. It's been a nice one, very autumnal. I also had the opportunity (along with many members of Toronto's Downtown Knit Collective) to see a whole lot of Twist garments in the flesh (or rather, in the wool). We had a bit of a fashion show, with some local designers in attendance (such as Barbara Gregory, Laura Chau and Elizabeth McCarten hosted by the indomitable Fiona Ellis, and Kate popped in as a surprise co-host. You can look forward to a blog post about the event, with lots and lots of photos (courtesy of Glenna C, designer and photographer extraoridnaire).


I tell you about it now because seeing garments from the magazine live - and being able to touch them, squish them, and try them on - makes it so easy to fall in love with them. This is just one of the sweaters that I am now majorly crushing on. Literati, you are so pretty and cool.




Let's take a look at a closer shot, because you need to see the patterning up close, and you really, really need to see these buttons.


Literati detail


This sweater is for all kinds of nerds. You should know that I use the word "nerd" with complete affection and glee. To me, a nerd is someone who is really, really, really excited about something (maybe lots of somethings) and is not remotely embarassed about it. That thing could be Star Trek, or comic books, or astrophysics, or (ahem) knitting, or the history of religious iconography. Being a bit of an enthusiasm-enthusiast myself, I think nerds know what's up.

Okay okay. Here are some clothes.


four outfits


What about you? How will you wear Literati?