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Anna Mikuskova

Today's post is brought to you by Anna Mikuskova, the designer of the whimsical North Wind cardigan. In it, she shares her inspiration for this beautiful sweater; the happy coincidence of a stitch dictionary and a wonderful Johnny Depp film. You can find this post on Anna's blog as well. Plus, in case you missed it, we did a Style Friday with this sweater just a bit ago; check it out.




The Winter issue of Twist Collective came out a few weeks ago and I am thrilled that my design North Wind is part of such a wonderful collection. I could not wait for the issue to come live and see the photos of the project that I had spent months working on. How is Twist going to style it? In what kind of setting, what story?  Is the cardigan going to fit the model?


North Wind in Twist


North Wind started more than a year ago with a single cable. It was beginning to get chilli after a beautiful sunny summer and I had a warm and cozy cardigan on my mind. I wanted a classic piece with a lot of cables but also something a little different, perhaps a sideway construction? As I was browsing through Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, the chart for Fudge Swirl Braid caught my attention.  I was on a yarn diet and I had to turn to my stash for an appropriate material. I needed yarn that would show the cables well but would not result in a heavy fabric that could stretch the body of the cardigan,  yarn with an excellent stitch definition, light body and a good drape. The cherry red Rowan Kid Classic that I had bought years ago with no project in mind, seemed to be a good candidate and I started swatching. But as I was knitting this bright red mohair yarn, I got a new idea.  I remembered a scene from the movie Chocolat when the heroine Vienne and her daughter Anouk travel from town to town wearing matching red capes.  What if I make a handknit version of a cape? A casual hoodie I could wear with jeans and at the same time a cardigan I could put over a skirt or dress?


North Wind original


I rewatched the movie and  worked out the remaining details, A-line shape, large hood, oversized buttons. I usually prefer more understated pieces when knitting for myself but this time I decided to have fun and create a very playful garment.  I casted on and happily watched the bold cables form the body of the cardigan. And then I lost it. The several skeins worth of work, needles, notes, my project bag, everything vanished, probably after accidently falling from my always overstaffed handbag.  After several weeks of intense search, I finally buckled down and bought additional skeins of the same yarn (so much for yarn diet) and casted on again. I finished it just when the mood boards for Winter Twist Collective landed in my email. And when I saw that magic was one of them , everything fit into place.


on a bridge


Happy New Year from all of us at Twist Collective. Thanks for making 2012 a wonderful one!! We have high hopes for this coming year too. Hope 2013 is filled with creativity, warmth, and wool.


Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.

Hello all! Carly here, back for another installment of sartorial musings and awesome knitwear. I'm currently in Montreal, the city where I first met Kate, and started working with Twist. It's sure nice to be back and see old friends. Relatedly, I think you should probably all knit this sweater, because it will be like an old friend; it will always be there for you, looking wonderful and familar and comfortable. A sweater like this never goes out of style.


Did you see those stunning cables?? Take a closer look.

Cable detail

I think a zipper and hood leans this towards the casual, but I wanted to play around with casual looks that dont revolve around jeans. Layering is fun.

Three outfits

How would you wear Granville??

Marnie MacLean


Marnie MacLean is sort of a household name at Twist. She does lots of things for the magazine, not the least of which is designing beautiful and wearable garments. Today she tells us about her inspiration for Picard, a non-fatal red shirt. You can also find it here, on her blog.



We all know that in the first Star Trek series, wearing a red shirt, especially if you were a person of color, was a pretty fatal proposition. Don't leave the ship, unnamed security officer, just don't.

But then came The Next Generation. The prime directive stayed the same but the red shirt got a serious upgrade.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard


Riker was making it work, too.

I've never claimed to be a true sci-fi nerd (whatever that means,) but I was a huge fan of TNG, so when I was assigned some rich red yarn for my Winter 2012 Twist Collective project I didn't need a holodeck to picture my favorite starfleet captain. For sure, I wasn't going to mimic the color blocking and shoulder pads, but I loved the angular lines and slim fit. It had to be something wearable and practical and flattering, all at once.

And so was born Picard.


Picard, in Twist


Picard is a top-down seamless raglan with short row shaping around the neck. This construction makes it really easy to modify the garment as you go, especially if you are a little tight on yarn. Once you get going, the stitch pattern is easy to memorize and flows smoothly into the hem ribbing. A little detailing on each sleeve cuff brings it all together.


Marnie wearing Picard


I finished the garment with buttons, but this would be a great design for a separating two-way zipper or even hook and eye, if you prefer.

If you like this pattern, you can view the magazine page here, the shop page here, and the ravelry page here.

And if you want some reading to pair with your TNG themed knitting, be sure to check out this blog.


We hope that whatever you are celebrating at this time of year, you are staying warm, and getting cozy with people you like a whole lot.

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Happy holidays.