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Throwback Thursday: Skalva

I know I've been a kind of intense TwistFan from the beginning, but you guys, I have such a distinct memory of the first time I saw this sweater. I basically became a cartoon and my eyes turned into hearts and popped right out of my head and became giant and floated away. Remember Skalva



collar and yoke



The details of this tunic are so crisp and deliberate. The whole thing is quite sleek, while also still seeming super cozy. Did I mention POCKETS??? 



full view



Obviously, I want this in a saturated deep tone like eggplant or petrol or navy, but you do you, readers. Consider a Skalva this spring! 










Spring Cleaning

With Spring around the corner, we know people will be looking for the new edition of Twist Collective. This year, we’ve decided to take the Spring/Summer season off to regroup and reorganize and work on some new ideas. We hope you will continue to browse our past editions and enjoy the nearly 800 patterns in our library.

Thank you all for your continuing support and stay tuned for what’s next!

Throwback Thursday: Azami

Spring is here and it's a great time to revisit Azami.


azami hood



This piece is beautiful from every angle but that striking cascade of lace formed by the hood, is a real statement without feeling fussy.


azami neckline azami cuff



Little bits of lace and garter are perfectly placed throughout, tying the hood together with the rest of the garment. The entire piece feels well-thought-out, wearable and beautiful.


azami front


Be sure to read Carol's blog post discussing the design process of this elegant piece.


Twist Style Fridays: Arcturus

Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.



Hello all, Marnie here. Carly is away so I'm in charge of the blog. I thought I'd use this chance to show off my design for the Winter edition. Arcturus is a half-circle shawl, worked in an intensely saturated merino wool, that shows off the shawl's texture perfectly.






The star stitch pattern that fills the bulk of the shawl is dense and springy, which gives the shawl a ton of insulating ability. Think of the waffle stitch pattern used for some thermal underwear. The star stitch works in much the same way. Since the lacy bits are minimal in this area, the end result is a relatively sturdy shawl that is less likely to snag, so you can really use this shawl, if you are so inclined.  



back view



Winter, in my neck of the woods, is generally gray and rainy and by March, I'm always craving bright colors, so getting to style something bright red is a real pleasure. I use my shawls almost every time I leave the house, unless it's unbearably hot and I won't be going anywhere with air conditioning, and I've styled Arcturus accordingly. Day or evening, I think this shawl can find a place in your wardrobe.


styling arcturus

Can you see yourself wearing Arcturus







Throwback Thursday: Kiyomi

Let's revisit Kiyomi

kiyomi front


Barbara Gregory's brilliance as an illustrator, really shines through in her colorwork designs and while she is best known for her more whimsical pieces, Kiyomi shows her more sophisticated side.


kiyomi detail


Loop closures are great for people who don't like working buttonholes, and are easily modified for a different size or number of buttons.


kiyomi back



The wide garter stitch collar and placket combo are textured enough to be interesting, without competing with the subtle mosaic colorwork pattern.


If you missed it the first time, be sure to check out Barbara's blog post about the design as well, if for no other reason than to see her original submission illustration.