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The Envelope, Please

Here at last is our list of lucky winners from the August Anniversary contest.  Winners should have already been notified, but if you think you see your name here and haven't heard from us, please check the email address that you use for PayPal to be certain.  If you have questions, contact Cynthia at twistcollective dot com.

Thanks to all of our enthusiastic customers and generous sponsors for your participation in our party. We couldn't do this without you.

From Ariadne Knits, pattern and yarn packs for Niles and Cleo: Megan E. and Isabel Q.

From Briggs and Little, the yarn and pattern for M'Gonigle: Trudy B.

From Briggs and Little, the yarn and pattern for Roo: Stacey B.

Hand blown glass sheep stitch markers from Glastonbury Glassworks: Laurie M.

From Green Mountain Spinnery, a copy of their new book, 99 Yarns: Glenna E.

From Interweave Press, a copy of Sock Innovation by Cookie A.: Theresa M.

From Interweave Press, a copy of Simple Style by Ann Budd: Sheryl L.

From Interweave Press, two books by Marianne Isager, Japanese Inspired Knits and Classic Knits: Shirley TC.

From Knitpicks, a Zephyr interchangeable needle set: Karin S.

From Knowknits, a sterling silver stitch marker necklace: Carrie W.

From Kollage Yarns, an ergonomic square circular needle and a free Twist pattern: Janet B.

From Kollage Yarns, the yarn and pattern for Peyton: Christine L.

From Kollage Yarns, the yarn and pattern for Lorelei: Anne J.

From Lantern Moon, a set of Sox Stix each: Cassandra K., Paula I., and Dallas S.    

From The Loopy Ewe, a Sheep Soap, and a free Twist pattern: Kim H.

From Potter Craft, Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up: Raquel H.

From Potter Craft, Knitting and Tea by Jane and Patrick Gottelier: Barbara W.

From Signature Needle Arts, one set of single point Signature needles: Linda D.

From Spirit Trail, the yarn and the pattern for Cherry Fizz: Jane M.

Two free Twist Collective patterns each: Nicole A., Dorothy A., Susan H., Olaf D., Pamela L., and Edith S.

Twist Tote and tape measure combos: Michelle N., Christine P., Weronica L., and Merja T.

From Unwind Yarns and Gems, pattern and yarn for Tiveden: Kris M. and Alison P.

From WEBS, the yarn, needles, and pattern needed to make Laredo, plus a gift certificate for a future purchase: Shannon B.

From WEBS, the yarn, needles, and pattern needed to make Urbanite, plus a gift certificate for a future purchase: Mary C.

From WEBS, the yarn, needles, and pattern needed to make Paula, plus a gift certificate for a future purchase: Patricia K.

From Yarnmarket, a $50 gift certificate: Katherine K.

Sneaky as Ever: A New Pattern Arrives

Observant Twist readers had written to ask about why the Table of Contents lists Margaret Mills among the designers included in the Beauty is Whatever Gives Joy story (it's a quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay, the poet who wrote the book our model is reading in the story).  Ah hah, clever knitters.  You found us out.  We had another pattern up our sleeves and the clue was right there in plain sight. Now here's your reward.

maire jacket

The Maire Riding Jacket by Margaret Mills is now ready for your consideration. A flattering length and silhouette, knit in Yarn Market's Caledon Hills Worsted in the color Heart Lake, we think it would also be stunning in a wardrobe neutral, or your own favorite color. We do hope you think it was worth the wait.

Design Process: Novak

by Claire Montgomerie,

orginally published on her blog, MontyKnits.

Novak's journey began way back in January, when I received the fall mood boards from Twist. One of the themes was "vintage inspired" and I immediately thought of a sweater I have wanted to knit for ages, but had never had the time to bring to life.



novak sketch



I had made this sketch while watching a favourite film, Bell, Book and Candle, starring two of my favourite Hollywood stars, Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. It is my interpretation of a sweater Novak wears in the film; I have always found her wardrobe in it spectacularly dramatic and inspirational, as her character is a mysterious witch who falls in love with Stewart's more human form. With design already sorted, I did some swatching for the woven look trims and sent off my board, complete with swatches, and luckily the Twist folk liked the idea as much as I did.

From there it was all systems go and in March we struggled over choosing a yarn which would do the sweater justice, while also creating a satisfyingly swift knit. Eventually Frog Tree Merino Melange 2ply was chosen, a beautiful worsted weight yarn in one of my of-the-moment shades, a soft rust red, as opposed to the scarlet of the original film.



novak knit

The yarn eventually arrived from overseas after a scarily long time and I began work in April, with a tight deadline to keep to get it back to Canada by May. This led to a few weeks tied to a cold sofa with only daytime T.V., my woolen blanket, and slippers for company! Luckily the yarn was a dream to work with, and aside from having to re-knit the neckline many times to get the shape I wanted, it was a really enjoyable process.



novak on Claire

I originally envisaged a soft, cosy and quick knit with a big fifties kick, and though Novak has evolved during the design process, I am very pleased with the finished product. The simple structure and retro silhouette are very me, so before the sweater went on its round-the-world trip, I could not resist having a fun trying-on session, imitating those elegantly eccentric poses of the many old knitting patterns I have from the era. The yarn is beautiful, giving a sumptuous drape and unbelievably light and cosy fabric, and Twist Collective have made it shine with the fifties styling. So, the only downside to the whole affair is that I won't be able to wear it this winter, as Novak is still touring the world, enjoying its fame and freedom!


Twist Trunk Show in Portland, Maine

Saturday, kids.

Julia here.  I will be at Knit Wit this Saturday, the 19th, at 3:30 with as many sweaters as I can cram into my car. All the details are in the shop newsletter, so check it out if you think you might like to come.


I'll have Vaganova, Cherry Fizz, Sylvi, Ardent Jacket, Icicle Fantasy, Poffertjes, and so many many more.  With a whole year's worth of gorgeous knits from which to chose, my head is spinning like a yarn swift. So come on over if you're in the area, say hi, pat the sweaters, and get a Twist button too.

See you then!

I Heart Kate Spade

Julia here.

It's winter shoot week(s) at Twist Collective, and Kate, Mary, Irene and I are all running around the fabric shops, shipping boxes back and forth across international borders, dipping into our friends' closets, and looking for just. the. right. belt.  I fantasize about having a styling staff at my beck and call, and a budget to pay them with to do the magic they do at someplace like Kate Spade, a lady-like candy store of skirt-and-blouse petit fours.  Last week, there was a lovely flash tour of their own photography process.



This week, they play with the clothes. I like the wardrobe ideas they have for such things as their boxy cardigan, and the layers you can put under a simple dress to change the mood. These are the sots of ideas a knitter can use when we consider the project queue and the crazy sweater love.  I may want to knit a purple lace tunic in mohair yarn because it looks so darned glamorous on the model, but how would I actually wear such a thing?  Kate Spade grounds me for a moment, reminds me of the wardrobe, how fun a navy cardigan can still be, and makes me feel all Jackie and Grace Kelly inside.


It is just me, or do you see Papineau in this outfit here? Or Sweet Pea Jacket in that great colour? The possibilities are, ahem, useful.

Carry on.