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Blog Love: Advanced Style


I read a lot of style blogs, looking for ideas, and always, always wondering if I could every pull such things off. Mostly, I find that I can't because most style bloggers have an easy business making much of their young and slim subjects. And I am neither.


So I am especially gratified to discover and admire the men and women who Ari Seth Cohen befriends for the splendid purpose of his blog, Advanced Style (thanks for the tip, NYTimes). He includes his own band of regulars and contributions from near and abroad, candids and portraits alike, all in the name of demonstrating that personal style over a certain age (and a certain size) can be every bit as delicious as in the bloom of youth.



Got Thumbtacks?

Pin this one up in your locker, babies. I found my copy on the back page of Yarn Market News.


Need even more Franklin? (and who among us doesn't?) He revealed last week his medal design for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, which you can enjoy emblazoned on the item of your choice from his Cafe Press Shop.  Franklin says the thong has been especially popular.


Grandma, What Big Needles you Have . . .

A little while ago, Rosann (rav name lingy) posted in a Ravelry forum a link to her engagement photos, which is something I see more of these days thanks to such bloggers as {frolic} and A Cup of Jo. Many couples aren't content with the usual studio portrait suitable for newspaper announcements: they put their individual touch to them, and can get quite creative.  I especially love Rosann's, and not just for the story, and how sweet her own personal wolf appears to be. 


Can you tell why I love these photos so?  (pssst, that's Mari Muinonen's Sylvi she knit for the occasion!) For a better view of the famous flowers on the back, check out the whole sequence on the Jerry Yoon website.  If you're wondering, the photographers are in San Fransisco, you lucky west coasters.

Style Notebook, featuring Tanit's Jacket

There are so many ways to wear Gudrun Johnson's wonderful Tanit's Jacket, and that's even before one starts imagining the ways to adjust it in the knitting. Here's just the start with a whole wardrobe of possibilities.


When I released the Sweetheart Scarf, I heard a bit of grumbling that a "boy" version was needed. So I made one. Introducing.... SWEETSTAR!

Sweetstar Scarf

Anybody who ordered sweetheart already will be receiving an update to download the new version that now includes both the heart and the star. And just as before, all of the money (seriously, 100%, I am not seeing a penny from this pattern and we are eating the paypal fees) is going to Habitat for Humanity's efforts in Haiti.

Here's another shot of Sweetheart (on my sweetheart even) as a reminder:

sweetheart scarf