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Twist report from KnitKnack

KnitKnack in Maplewood, New Jersey graciously hosted Irene and the Twist Tickle Trunk a week ago Saturday. I really like the event announcement they made, using the Buzz Bag cartoon that Marianne Dubuc did for us.  Irene had a wonderful time showing everyone the knits, and sent this report along to the blog.

What better way to spend a rainy, drab WWKIP day than to showcase your favorite projects from the past year?* That is just what I did, with (more than) a little help from my friends. Thanks to Meera, Knitknack shop owner, her husband Glenn, and my models Abby, Helen, Kellie, and Mary. We had a splendiferous day.

Twist took over Knitknack by storm, showcasing a sampling of a year’s worth of gems.
A great time was had by all. It was thrilling to see reactions to the pieces first hand, as I’m sure the audience could attest to.

Here is a smattering of images from the day.

* Not that I knit them myself, mind you. But these pieces have become a part of my life.




Twist Report from 3 Bags Full

Three Bags Full in Vancouver welcomed Rachael and the box of sweaters for a fashion show last week. Rachael sent along this dispatch.






This is the shop with all 50 people who crammed in to see the fashion show.  They were ooh-ing and aah-ing away while knitting fervently to finish up their current projects, so they could start right away on new Twist designs.





Francesca is the lady in the blue shawl, and she is the owner of the shop.  She gave out a door prize to every single person that attended.  Incredibly generous, and I got to bring home a nice Three Bags Full tote myself




At the end of the night, I got a photo of the remaining staff, as well as volunteers who modeled for the fashion show, wearing Twist Collective items that they especially loved.  In the middle is Sivia Harding, wearing her Aphrodite shawl.  Everyone was incredibly generous, welcoming and fun.  I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to come and do the show at their shop.


Three Bags Full promises to post a video of the evening soon, and I'll post it here and tell the Twist Twitter feed when they get that up.  In the meantime, there are more photos of the show on Sivia's and Felicia's blogs to check out.


A Twist on Twist

Lately, I've been seeing knitters who have taken patterns from the magazine and put their own signature on them, repurposing charts and seeing things differently, so I'd like to share a few.


Ysolda Teague's Little Birds chart is a popular option, destined to become a classic.  Not only have people played around with the colour combinations (personal fun favourite is a blackbirds on red version), but they've made other things incorporating the chart as well.  Here's the vest Jo (jojowheeler on ravelry) made for her darling son:



And the hat that weezalana made for her birdwatching Mother-in-Law:


and mittens Annika's (Annika72 on ravelry) knit as a way to swatch colour combinations with a purpose before she launched into the sweater as a whole.



Mary Ann Stephen's Sleepy Monkey Blanket is beginning to proliferate as well.  Here's a pillow Cathleen (ravelry link) knit in the pattern, monkeys on both sides, if you're asking. I hear a rumour there's a full blown baby sweater in the works with this one too.  I'd love to see that when it's done if that knitter is reading.



Speaking of baby sweaters, Aasa knit a sweater using Stephanie van der Linden's breathtaking sock pattern, Harika, to great effect.



And last, but certainly not the least, is Chappy Mom Deb's fabulous blanket which she envisioned from Mari Muinonen's Sylvi pattern the moment she saw it in the magazine.




Personally, I would love to have the time to knit a pair of Sylvi socks, toe up, choosing a 32 stitch wide section from the bigger chart, a couple of those irresistible flowers embracing the ankle, and I have even got the toe started in some stash Cherry Tree Hill, but my plate is full at the moment.  Perhaps these will come together for me sometime this summer.  In the meantime, feel free to play with the idea (or any other pattern repurposing) if you are so inclined, and send me a picture.  

Twist Report from TNNA

TNNA is an interesting place for yarn lovers because it is the brutal mechanics of the industry laid bare, and much of the romance can get a little bruised in all the naked light of the business end of things.  Yarn companies display their product for yarn store owners rather than the public, and many owners have built up an immunity to the yarn fumes because of their constant exposure, so they're looking for the extra strong stuff. The new, the soft, the colour, all must be irresistible for them to believe in it.  However, the show seemed upbeat, and the smiles liberally and evenly spread among the stylishly dressed and comfortably shod on the floor.  I think as a leading indicator for the country as a whole, the show's message was something like "steady as she goes."

There aren't any photos in my camera from the floor because that would. be. against. the. rules, but I do have a few examples of why I should always take my camera with me to things like this, even though my phone boasts a 3 megasomething capability.  Here's Spinning Loft Beth, Spunky Eclectic Amy King, Spritely Goods Steph, and Brooklyn Handspun Marie in the lobby.


We also had fun catching up with Beth Casey of Lorna's Laces before the Buffalo Gold party. I liked Beth before I met her because I interviewed her about a year ago over the phone when I was profiling Kate for Interweave Knits (fall 2008 issue, fyi). Beth has a great voice, like a late night radio DJ, and she answered questions and cracked jokes to the background music of yarn sloshing around in an enormous dyebath. In person, I bonded with her immediately because we are about the same height, and she told me where I could find great jeans just like hers (Gap, naturally). It's all about the inseam, baby.


I find TNNA physically demanding because food, water, and Jeni's ice cream are something one has to stop in the middle of everything to fetch, and so I ate hardly at all, and drank even less water, flirting with dehydration were it not for the whack of mediocre hotel coffee I fortified myself with both mornings.

big girl cake

We were so famished Friday night working in our hotel room until 2 am that Kate and I filched leftover "big girl" cake from her mom's cooler.  We used a pizza box as our serving platter and considered how we could proceed without a knife. Before I managed to tear it apart with my bare hands, Kate found some dental floss to slice it with, so we devoured the thing with disputable politesse only to discover that it had a minty fresh aftertaste.


One of my favorite voices from our Ravelry forum turned up in her freshly finished Botanical Lace Cardigan, from the summer issue.  Jocelyn (jocelyng on Ravelry) was all smiles every time we passed her sporting her cardigan in Cotton Fleece, and it's no wonder because it looks terrific on her. Here she is outside the Buffalo Gold party, where we hung out, a wee bit intimidated by the crowd inside, but had a lovely time chatting with people as they passed in and out with their drinks. I took a few pictures for people who wanted a record of their meeting Ysolda, and got to know NewSarah, who is taller than she looks in her Ravelry video, and every bit as charming as you hope that she is for real. But so it is with so many of the yarn folk once you meet them in person: charming, funny, quick with a joke, and yes, ultimately susceptible to the yarn fumes, even after all these years.